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Complete Heat Treatment Solution for all your Liquid Food Products

Plate Heat Exchangers – Food Grade

Hot Water Units


Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) for the heat transfer process needed for your “product”. In Heat Treatment lays the foundation of a safe or unsafe final product. Also, the end quality of the product will be determined by the correct design of your plates.

Our Plate Heat Exchangers are versatile, you can start with a small PHE for a specific product and then upgraded to a bigger one if the flow needed increases. Always having in mind the capacity to grow in the future.

Also Hot Water Units and Dampers are part of the components we supply trough AGC.

Sometimes your boiler is a bit overcharged, not able to heat the correct amount of hot water. For these moments, we can supply a Hot Water Unit, this unit will guarantee that your heat section in working at the correct temperature.

Silencers “Pulsation Dampers”. They eliminate excess vibration and hydraulic shock. Increases the life of your PHE, Reduces bacteria contamination hazards traceable to cracked lines, fittings and cracked plates.

All you need for you Centrifugal Separators – Food & Marine

Centrifugal Separators with Original spare parts and components


For food, indispensable in the milk and fruit process, to obtain whey, fat, cream, oils, essences. In Marine, to separate water from oil (oily water).

We work and specializes in aftermarket and genuine spare parts for Alfa Laval and GEA Westfalia Separators. Growing from just a spare parts provider to a thriving, reliable, global provider of spare parts and equipment. Is valid to point out that they are one of the largest and truly independent suppliers of OEM and aftermarket spare parts and services for Alfa Laval Separators and GEA Westfalia Separators.

Catam Engineering, S.A. and Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC are committed in providing the largest selection of spare parts in the industry. Continuously increasing our inventory to meet the demands of our customers. All spare parts whether genuine or equivalent are fully compatible and carry a 12-month warranty on all non-wear items. and world-wide shipping is available.

Spare parts for your IMO PUMPS and MOATTI Filters.

We supply a full range of replacement spare parts for Colfax IMO AB, positive displacement pumps, that are utilized with Alfa Laval and Wartsila equipment.  We can supply triple low-pressure pumps, with or without magnetic drives, which are designed to fit your existing IMO pumps that will bolt to your existing flanges, without having to change any piping.



Homogenizers, as its name implies, homogenizes your product. This process gives balance, a smooth feel to end product and also helps the product to last longer when packed. Most common products to be homogenized are Milk, Tomatoes Paste, Some milk flavored drinks, Juices, Baby food, among others.

Our knowledge on homogenization, together with our expertise, helps us support our customers when they are looking for a used, second hand unit or a complete refurbished unit. We supply all brands, from Alfa Laval, Gaulin, APV, Crepaco, Cherry Burrell, among many others.


As Is Unit


After Refurbishment

Reconditioning of homogenizers includes stripping and painting of painted surfaces, complete teardown and repair of drive systems including total bearing replacement, motor bearing replacement with additional motor repairs as necessary, elastomer/seal replacement, new plungers, regrinding and/or replacement of pump and homogenizing valves, repair and/or replacement of HVA systems, installation of new oil coolers, cosmetic polishing as necessary of stainless steel surfaces, and loosening of all adjustable legs.

They have one of the biggest and more complete spare parts inventory for many brands of homogenizers.

plant components


Clean In Place Systems for all your tanks, PHE, pipelines, pumps and more. We can deliver a CIP solution that fits your existing plant or configure it for your future expansions.

Also we can supply Silo, Process and Mixing tanks. New, as they are: or completely refurbished.

If you have any need in CIP or tanks we are your correct option for solution and advice.


So important in our portfolio that we make room for it again! Spare parts for all your existing PHE’s, no matter the brand, Alfa Laval, APV, Tetra Pak, Sanchelima, we got the plate and gasket that fits and works.


Very important are our plant components. The complete range, from pipes 304-316 SS, centrifugal pumps, lobe rotary pumps, manual valves, actuated valves, remotely controlled valves, accessories for piping, gauges and many others.

As Is Unit

After Refurbishment